Book Lashes by Mel

Book Lashes By Mel

Thank you for coming! I'm Mel G, a licensed esthetician who LOVES everything lashes! Providing you with my best work every time. I came into this industry because I love the outcome of my work, especially how it makes my clients feel after getting them! My mission is to make people feel comfortable in their own skin! Having CONFIDENCE & investing into myself was and is the ABSOLUTE best thing I could've done for myself. My initial goals when starting this business was to live a financially free life so I'm able to give back to my mother and do what I love most, travel! I hope that after you receive a service from me, you will see the passion, countless hours of hard work and dedication I have put into this.

See you soon XOXO

Mel G, your Lash Expert @dejeanbeauty



Type                                             Price

Natural Fill                             -----  $70

Hybrid Fill                              -----  $70

Hybrid Foreign Fill                -----  $80

Volume Fill                            -----  $80

Volume Fill (1 week)              -----  $80

Mega Volume Fill                  -----  $95

Mini Fill Hybrid/Volume         ----- $55

Hybrid Transition to Volume ----- $751


Type                                       Price

Hybrid Fill                        -----  $125

Wispy Hybrid                   -----  $125

Volume Set                      -----  $135

Mega Volume                  -----  $95


Color Lashes                    -----   $20

Glitter Lashes                   -----   $15

Lash Removal                   -----  $30

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Orlando, FL 32839

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